September 1, 2023

Tech-Gate – The Self-Closing Safety Gravity Gate

In a world filled with technology and reliant on machines to run, the Tech-Gate Gravity Gate is a refreshing and unique design that solely uses the law of gravity.

Made To Last

The safety gate is constructed with steel and completed with a powder-coated finish. This gate is made to last. The design of the gravity safety gate is crafted with an angled hinge that, when opened, closes naturally behind any user.

This is a huge advantage in a construction workplace where workers are coming and going, and the risk of a safety gate being left open is possible. Other solutions for safety gates use springs, chains or other parts that wear out. The self-closing safety gate closes every time when used, providing extra protection for workers.

This gate meets Canadian loadings and OSHA requirements and comes in a range of sizes that cover a 23″ to a 50″ opening. The safety gate fits a left or right-hand opening and also comes with an adjustable striker plate. For wider openings, two gates can be used together to provide self-closing gates.

Smart Solutions

The Tech-Gate Gravity Gate is a smart solution for ladder openings or other fall hazards off the ground. Installing self-closing gates that you can basically “set and forget,” giving superior protection to your workers and needing no ongoing maintenance, is worth its weight in gold.

Find out more about the Tech-Gate Gravity Gate, including sizes available and specifications – Click here.

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