August 9, 2023

Skylight Defender Rooftop Screen Protection

W.S. Safety always provides some of the best and most competitive products in the industry. One of our best products over the years has been our rooftop skylight protection, the Skylight Defender.

The Bluewater Skylight Defender has been around for many years and has always exceeded OSHA regulations and previous load requirements up to 200 lbs applied pressure.

When you know you have a good product that is regulation compliant and always reliable, you want to continue to use it. What is good about the Skylight Defender, is that not only is it a tested and reliable product, but Bluewater has continued to improve it.

Skylight Defender Improvements

Load Rating

The previous load rating for the Skylight Defender, exceeded 200 lbs, but the new improvements to the skylight screen meet or exceed national and California OSHA and Canadian regulations. At 400 lbs applied pressure at any one area on the screen, the new, improved skylight screen is strong and reliable in any area of the screen.

Non-Penetrating Compression

Fastening, your Skylight Defender to an existing skylight, means protection to your roof, with no drilling or penetration into the roof membrane or weatherproofing, so skylight sealing is left intact.

A Great Product

The Skylight Screen continues to be a robust and strong product, with 4″ x 4″ welded galvanized mesh that won’t break with force. The screen sits subtly over your skylight and is barely visible from an aesthetic viewpoint.

The Defender will not void your roof warranty, and easily installs in about half an hour.

For the peace of mind of having all of your rooftop skylights safely covered and protected, installing the Skylight Defender is a clear-cut decision.

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