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Skylight Defender Rooftop Screen Protection

Skylight Defender Rooftop Screen Protection

The Skylight Defender is an OSHA compliant Skylight Screen Protection. BlueWater’s skylight screen exceeds the OSHA fall protection regulation 1910.23(a), 1910.23(e)(8) of withstanding a load of at least 200lbs applied pressure perpendicularly as well as meeting the OSHA-Cal requirements 29 CFR 1910.23 and 1926.501 of 400lbs applied pressure perpendicularly at any one area on the screen. Featuring a unique compression attachment system, the Skylight Defender does not require drilling which provides the ultimate membrane protection. The easy to install OSHA skylight screen fall restricting system provides the necessary protection required for your employees and contractors while maintaining the integrity of your roof and skylight. It comes in customizable sizes and accommodates diverse skylight protection needs.

A BlueWater fall protection non penetrating solution, the Skylight Defender is engineered to prevent injuries and deaths from falls through skylights. It installs quickly, fastening onto the skylight frame using a unique compression system. That means there’s no need to drill into and compromise the skylight or roofing membrane.* The Skylight Defender is a must for any business with a skylight on its roof.

More Information:

What makes Skylight Defender great?


  • Has a non-penetrating compression fastening system, making it a sound investment for years to come
  • Meets or exceeds national and California OSHA regulations
  • Our custom-made screens are fabricated with aluminum support and securing brackets and 4” wire galvanized mesh. This makes for a long-lasting and lightweight solution for customers' rooftops.
  • Fastens to the skylight frame using compression with no drilling, so skylight weatherproofing and roof membrane are not compromised.
  • Will not void your roof warranty
  • Installs with basic tools in about 30 minutes

OSHA-approved screens are somewhat readily available from different suppliers HOWEVER, for use in Canada, OSHA load ratings are not adequate as per codes and confirmed by MOL personnel. In fact, the loading is much higher and has to be factored in for the size of the screen. 

Furthermore, based on the shape and size of the screen, 4” square wire mesh, there is also a snow-load that has to be factored in. It’s not an option to use a larger screen size, due to other code requirements, so a screen that may be acceptable for use in the USA is typically not permissible for use in Canada.

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