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At W.S Safety Technologies, we sell Quality rooftop safety systems that meet government standards, keeping your business and your people protected.

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Let us help you make your workplace safer and minimize workplace injuries. It can be difficult to stay on top of industry standards and choose the right product for your unique circumstances. We provide top quality products and even manufacture some of our own to make sure we have the right solution for any situation.

Let us guide you in choosing the product that is right for you, install or guide the installation process and provide the professional ongoing support you need.

You can expect:
  • Quick response times
  • Some of the quickest delivery times in the industry
  • Quality, certified products
  • Excellent pricing with options to suit your budget
  • A long term relationship built on honesty and integrity
  • Expert advice instead of pushy sales

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We sell only the best products for your roof.

Tech-Rail Guardrails are the answer to a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install non-penetrating…
Our HatchGuard roof hatch guardrail systems are a bolt-on, non penetrating guardrail with a self-closing safety…
The patent-pending SafetyRail 2000FG is the perfect temporary guardrail system for free standing roof edge protection…
SafetyRail 2000 Architectural Guardrail combines our non-penetrating guardrail system with an architectural appeal for those applications…

About Us

We are a family-run business that has been selling safety systems since 1995 and have a high level of integrity. We work honestly and do not cut corners because people’s lives depend on it.

Ryan Michels
Vice President

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We work with companies like Roofing Companies Property Managers, Fab Shops and HVAC Contractors to make sure they look good to their clients.


I contacted W.S. Safety when a TSSA compliance concern emerged regarding our customer's rooftop unit's proximity to the roof edge. Ryan promptly addressed all my queries, showcasing impressive knowledge and a friendly approach. I'm pleased to report that W.S. Safety safely installed guardrails to protect the rooftop unit. Their timely project completion reflects their professionalism and technical expertise. Thank you for the swift resolution.
Drew L, Carmichael Engineering
My client owns a couple hundred gas stations and C-stores and had concerns about rooftop safety on these buildings. The W.S. Safety team worked with our company and customer to develop some custom products and solutions to safely protect the areas of concern. Our customer was satisfied with the guardrails as they were colour matched to the buildings and did not have an ugly appearance.
Martin L, Johnson Controls
The W.S. Safety team successfully completed the fall arrest system project on time and within budget. Their professionalism and efficiency were notable, and we're considering them for future projects.
Del T, Unilever
We have purchased safety gates from Connie at W.S. Safety for many years now. She responds quickly and always offers competitive pricing.
Shawn R
Following recent training, we identified confined spaces, prompting a temporary stop-work order for safety concerns. W.S. Safety efficiently collaborated with us, providing expert solutions like davit bases and anchor posts. Their professional approach, from risk assessment to timely installation, minimized downtime. Grateful for their commitment to enhancing our confined space safety measures and ensuring a swift, secure return to operations.
Colin B

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At W.S Safety Technologies, we sell Quality rooftop safety systems that meet government standards, keeping your business and your people protected.