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SafetyRail 2000 – Guardrail System

About Product

The BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 rooftop guardrail is a very effective roof fall protection system for both temporary or permanent rooftop guardrail systems.

More companies are using SafetyRail 2000 for rooftop fall protection, as it’s the best solution for many fall protection applications. The BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 rooftop guardrail is a very effective roof fall protection system for both temporary and permanent rooftop guardrail systems.

SafetyRail 2000 is a guardrail system that consists of counterweight bases and rails that fasten into the bases with a pin. It is a great solution to provide a roof fall protection railing system. The guardrails have been tested by a large Canadian engineering group and reviewed by professional engineers of Ontario to meet the Ontario Building Code and Canadian Federal Building Code standards for permanent guardrail as well as the construction code for temporary rooftop guardrail. Safety Rail 2000 is a great option for guardrail when TSSA variance rooftop guardrail applications are required and is the ideal engineered guardrail solution.

The SafetyRail 2000 guardrail system meets and exceeds numerous USA and Canadian codes for permanent and temporary guardrail including: OSHA, OBC (for loading requirements), OH&SA, OSHA, CAL OSHA, Alberta OHS, WorkSafe BC, and TSSA variance requirements (must follow TSSA variance application procedure) for gas fired appliances and elevator walkways. Please inquire for more information regarding extra steps and materials required for TSSA variance requirements.

Popular sizes include (more sizes available)

Item Description Yellow Galvanized
5″ Rail Kit SRY009 SRG009
7.5 Rail Kit SRY011 SRG011
10″ Rail Kit SRY012 SRG012
Extra Base SRY014 SRG014

The SafetyRail 2000 guardrail system is sold in kits. Each kit includes:

1 – counterweight base
1 – length of guardrail
2 – fastening pins

The modular nature of these kits means we can set up your solution fully customized to your fall protection needs.

W.S. Safety Technologies Staff Are Experts In SafetyRail 2000

W.S. Safety Technologies is a stocking distributor of BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 rooftop guardrail systems. Whether you are looking for a solution for fall protection, barrier protection or handrails, the SafetyRail 2000 guardrail system cannot be matched in versatility and speed of installation.

We are located in Ontario, Canada. W.S. Safety Technologies works in partnership with engineering companies that are in compliance with the local (Canada) engineering authorities.

We offer supply-only of SafetyRail 2000 as well as a full turn-key project to install the BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 guardrail system at a customer’s facility.

The BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 full turn-key installation project includes:

  1. Shipping the materials to site
  2. Rental of a boom truck to lift guardrails onto roof top
  3. Installation of the rooftop guardrails and bases by our trained crew

We have successfully and safely installed the Safety Rail 2000 guardrail system on thousands of rooftops, from small gas station service stations to large warehouse roofs.

Our crews follow safe installation procedures. We can also provide a stamped engineered drawing for the installation upon completion.


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