June 27, 2023

The New Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety System

Living in a climate where half of the year involves contending with snow and ice means that your approach to rooftop safety needs to be carefully thought through. Many companies have access to rooftops to maintain heating and cooling systems or other roof maintenance needs, and providing a safe rooftop walkway is essential.

The solution to a safe rooftop walkway is often resolved with rubber or asphalt pads,, providing a walkway surface. Other solutions involve pavers or wooden walkways and rails which can all add weight and be slippery in wet/snowy weather.

The Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety Solution

W.S. Safety recently released the new Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety System. This system is made out of fibreglass, is non-slip and is a lighter alternative to stones or other rooftop walkways.

The new Tech-Walk system is yellow, which is easily visible in inclement weather, and has a heavy-duty non-slip grit finish. It can also be easily modified to fit your onsite needs, working around obstructions on your rooftop and creating a clear and defined walkway.

While the Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety is more expensive than a standard paver walkway system, you will find that Tech-Walk is cheaper than an alternative metal walkway and has a long-lasting life to save you money in the long term.

The open mesh design also allows snow to fall under the grate so that it’s not accumulating and building up on the walkway.

Before the next season of snow and ice hits, find out how a custom solution walkway for your rooftop could save you both time and money and provide a quality safety solution for you and your employees.

Find out more about the Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety System.

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