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Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety System

Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety System

Rooftop Walkways

Rooftop walkways are used to provide non-slip surfaces and clear walkways for construction and contractors. Traditionally, paver stones are used to create non-slip and budget-friendly solutions for safe use, but often stones create another weighty issue. Alternatively, wooden walkways and rails are used, but this is often slippery and weathers easily.

Fibreglass Solution

A  fibreglass non-slip grating solution is a great alternative to paver stones or wooden walkways.

If you were to compare the weight of a fibreglass walkway vs a traditional 2’x10’ paver stone walkway, they’re essentially the same. Furthermore, a 3’x10’ walkway out of all pavers would be 50% heavier than a setup with grating and pavers for counterweight without the benefit of having an anti-slip, easy-draining surface.

Some advantages of a fibreglass walkway system include:

  1. Lighter weight than any alternatives. 
  2. Non-slip surface with heavy-duty grit finish.
  3. Yellow in appearance, so easy to see visually.
  4. UV inhibitors for long-term use.
  5. Standard sizes, such as 3’x10’, mean it’s easy to work with and modify on-site if needed.

If you are in need of creative solutions using our new Tech-Walk Rooftop Safety System, talk to us today.

More Information:

Comparisons of rooftop walkway types:

  1. Paver stones

    • PRO - Cost-effective and easy to source
    • CON - Heavy to move and install. Also adds weight to rooftop
    • CON - Can get slippery in wet or snowy conditions
    • CON - Can crack if not installed properly
  2. Wooden walkway and handrails

    • PRO - Somewhat cost-effective compared to metal grating and rails
    • PRO - Fairly easy to build and work with wood pieces
    • CON - Usually not engineered, so a false sense of security
    • CON - Slippery in the wet and snow
    • CON - Does not have longevity since exposure to UV and weather
    • CON - Hard to inspect and assess its integrity of it as time goes on. Who takes responsibility and says its safe to use?
  3. Metal grating

    • PRO - long-lasting

    • PRO - anti-slip surface

    • CON - expensive

    • CON - weight, as it still needs to be held on roof with counterweights

    • CON - not easily modified or changed on-site. Pieces must be all pre-made off-site otherwise, cutting them on-site would leave an exposed edge that can rust/corrode

  4. Fibreglass

    • PRO - long-lasting
    • PRO - anti-slip surface
    • PRO - can be easily modified on-site to fit around obstructions
    • PRO - cheaper than a metal grating walkway
    • CON - more expensive than just a paver walkway system