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Tech-Gate Safety Gates - Self-Closing Safety Gate

Tech-Gate Safety Gates - Self-Closing Safety Gate

Our gravity self-closing Tech-Gates are another great solution for protecting ladder openings or other fall hazards. These provide a cost-effective alternative to plastic or polymer gates with superior safety.

W.S. Safety can provide standard sizes in 2” increments from 16” opening to 36” opening, and custom safety gates sizes are available. The light weight design does not use springs to recoil, rather has an angled hinge that allows the gate to close automatically behind the user with gravity alone. The gates require minimal maintenance (greasing the pin as required) and have no springs that can fatigue or break over time.

The steel construction is built to last and is available in powder coat painted finish. Keep your workers safe with a cost-effective alternative to other self-closing safety gate options.

More Information:

Tech-Gate - Self-Closing Safety Gate Features:

  • Self-closing gravity design with no springs required
  • Steel construction, built to last
  • Powder coat finish
  • Fits left or right hand openings
  • Available in standard sizes in 2” increments from 16” opening to 36” opening
  • Also available in custom self-closing safety gate sizes
  • A safer option then chains to close off openings
  • Meets Canadian codes for loadings and OSHA requirements
Item Description Yellow Powder Coated
23” Gravity Gate (fits 23”-26” opening) WS-GRAV-23-PCY
26” Gravity Gate (fits 26”-29” opening)   WS-GRAV-26-PCY
29” Gravity Gate (fits 29”-32” opening) WS-GRAV-29-PCY  
32” Gravity Gate (fits 32”-35” opening) WS-GRAV-32-PCY
35” Gravity Gate (fits 35”-38” opening) WS-GRAV-35-PCY
38” Paired Gates (fits 38”-41” opening) WS-GRAV-38-PCY
41” Paired Gates (fits 41”-44” opening) WS-GRAV-41-PCY
44” Paired Gates (fits 44”-47” opening) WS-GRAV-44-PCY
47” Paired Gates (fits 47”-50” opening) WS-GRAV-47-PCY

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