December 15, 2014

The Mezzanine-Pivot Safety Gate

Protecting employees at heights is a must and now protecting employees in elevated mezzanine loading areas just got easier. The MZ-Pivot Safety Gate by FabEnCo, is now available at W.S. Safety Technologies. With its counterbalanced gates, the MZ-Pivot Safety Gate ensures that one gate is always between your employees and the edge of the platform.

Compliant with OSHA, IBC and ANSI standards, this pivot safety gate is easy to install and is available in single or double pallet widths. Made of carbon steel (galvanized or safety yellow powder coated) or stainless steel, the MZ-Pivot Gate breaks down for shipping efficiency and is easy to assemble following the five step instruction sheet. Remember, there must always be an OSHA-approved fall protection devices in use during the installation of this safety gate.

Determining the proper gate size for your application only requires the measurement of the inside clear opening where your gate will be mounted. Using basic tools such as ½” Deep Socket or a wrench, the Pivot Gate should be assembled away from the edge of the mezzanine and once assembly is complete, moved to the edge of the opening and anchored to the floor.  While the standard sizes are listed on the website, custom safety gates are always available for wider loading openings or unusual handrail configurations. Please contact us with your special requirements.

WS Mezzanine Pivot Gate 2 product page
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