December 18, 2014

Temporary Rooftop Guardrails – Which One is Right for You

Temporary rooftop guardrails can be used for many different applications in construction and maintenance. A few of these uses include rooftop maintenance, new roof installation, solar panel installation on roofs, HVAC/RTU maintenance and building construction. W.S. Safety offers a number of temporary guardrail systems such as the VersaClamp and the ParaClamp.

temporary guardrail systems

Versa Clamp

Versa Clamp[/caption] The VersaClamp is the most versatile temporary guardrail C-Clamp on the market for fall protection. The ParaClamp has all the dependability of the Versa Clamp and is intended to work as part of parapet temporary guardrail system. Both offer a unique compression locking system that can be installed quickly and without hassle. Simply place the clamp over the parapet and slide the compression plate against the surface, turn the compression rod against the plate and you are finished. Because the compression plates are off-set, they will not damage copings or flashings as they are installed on parapets.

Versa Clamp

Parapet Guardrail

While the ParaClamp can be used to provide fall protection on parapets, the VersaClamp can be used on both parapets and concrete slabs. Both have an adjustable guardrail post that allows compliance with OSHA guardrail heights from the work surface to be installed at 8′ increments. Made by BlueWater Mft in the USA, the VersaClamp and ParaClamp are built tough and will provide the fall protection your workers deserve.

temporary guardrail canada

VersaClamp Parapet

For more information regarding our temporary rooftop guardrails or any of our fall protection equipment, contact us today.

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