January 17, 2023

3 Reasons Rooftop Guardrails Don’t Have To Be Ugly

Many business owners understand the need for rooftop guardrails or a fall protection system and even have available personal fall protection available for their workers or contractors. But while this is following compliance and is helpful to get work done, the process of getting fitted for harnesses and setting up the fall protection system can take double the time to complete a simple project.

Especially when contractors are coming to service a HVAC system or carry out simple maintenance, the process of ensuring safety can take much longer than the job itself.

While Rooftop Guardrails are the best solution, many business owners don’t like the look they give their rooftops, especially when they have an architecturally designed building.

So What is the Solution?

The truth is rooftop guardrails don’t have to be ugly or take away from your building’s overall look.

1. Colour Match

Guardrails come with many colour options, either standard or custom. Our Tech-Rail system is completely grey in appearance as it utilizes mill-finish aluminum rails and galvanized base trays. Custom powder-coating is also available to get a similar appearance to a building or siding, some other common colours include white, grey, blue, and brown, so they blend into the sky or match the building. They can be custom-designed to sit back from your rooftop edge to where your workers need to be. We can design them to surround rooftop maintenance equipment only. There are many different options available to you.

2. Aesthetically Designed

Another of our great products is the Safety Rail 2000 (Architectural Series), which is a more permanent solution and is architecturally designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This design is a non-penetrating guardrail system that can be designed to incline or curve back and be less obvious to the roof line. This system utilizes the same counterweighted bases as the standard Safety Rail 2000.

3. Temporary Guardrail Solution

Another little-known solution is the temporary guardrail that we can tailor to your unique needs. In often snowy conditions, having a bright yellow guardrail is helpful for workers when they have to work on a snowy or icy roof. Some customers will purchase a few lengths of rails and bases and a cart to move them. The rails can then be set up as needed to protect the roof edge, and the personnel can follow our safe installation procedure to limit exposure to the fall hazard.

The advantage is that these guardrails can be folded down (Stealth-Rails) or removed and stored away when the work is finished. Therefore taking away the look from your rooftop that there are guardrails installed. This is a great solution for any business that needs the ease and flexibility of temporary rooftop guardrails.

Replaceable Sections

Our rooftop guardrail systems come with the ability to change one section if it is damaged by machinery or weather-related issues, or if access needs to be made by roofers. Many other permanent guardrails are built as one full system, and the entire guardrail project has to be replaced if there’s damage. We are able to take just the damaged section and replace it with the exact corresponding guardrails, whether they are permanent or temporary.

Make This a Stress-Free Year

Imagine not having to worry about whether contractors or workers are safe on your rooftop. Whether you decide on permanent or temporary rooftop guardrails, the benefits to your business will far outweigh the initial cost, saving you a lot of time and money.

W.S. Safety offers custom solutions for your rooftop to take away the need for personal safety harnesses and a full rigging system. The ease of permanent or temporary rooftop guardrails will cut your contractors’ and workers’ time in half.

Talk to us today about this game-changing rooftop safety solution and change your year.

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