November 4, 2013

Fall Protection Nets: Usage, Protection, and Containment

There are two main uses for fall protection nets: the more obvious application as a storage or racking device, and the less obvious usage as a fall protection system. The best feature of industrial nets is flexibility, given that it can be customized to a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the need. Some of the more common uses that we’ll discuss here are warehouse netting, industrial netting, personal fall protection netting, and debris containment netting.

Warehouse Netting

Workers may be injured and expensive merchandise damaged or destroyed when unstable items fall from shelving or off conveyor belts, and it’s important to make sure inventory items are secured. Warehouse netting can be used vertically to line the rows of high shelving and racking systems commonly found in warehouses, and in this case can serve as a both a security blanket and a safety net (no pun intended).

Personal Protection

Workers are safer and more confident in an environment with the use of personal fall protection nets, especially when working at heights. One of ten workers are injured on construction sites every year and falls are the leading cause of death, accidents and injuries. It is recommended that netting be unobstructed and installed as close to the working or walking surface as possible.

Debris Containment

Industrial safety nets can also be used for containing falling debris such as work materials, scrap, equipment and tools to provide safety from above and below. People walking below construction and work areas can be injured from falling items — just remember that any items that fall into your netting should be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise a worker might get injured by falling onto fallen debris.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to implement industrial nets, including as racking protection, fall arrest tools, and more. WS Safety provides custom fall protection netting for a variety of applications and is standing by to answer any more questions. Contact us to learn more!

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