January 10, 2014

BlueWater Ladder Defender for Roof Ladder Safety

W.S. Safety is now carrying one of BlueWater Mfg.’s newest products, the Ladder Defender. Creating a controlled zone around a ladder it allows safe egress and ingress to and from a ladder exit and entry point. The product’s unique finishing rail design allows use even on a parapet wall, reducing a worker’s chance of falling and dramatically increasing roof ladder safety.

When properly installed on the rail sections farthest from the ladder, the Guard Dog self closing gate can be used as an added safety feature by helping to reduce the likeliness of a gate closing on a hand. The Ladder Defender has three available types of brackets:

  • Rail to Round
  • Rail to Flat Bar
  • Rail to Angle Iron

Choosing the bracket type along with providing us with the width of the ladder frame is all that is required for ordering. The diagram below can aide as a guide to measurement.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety there are over 42,000 injuries to Canada’s workers each year. Approximately 34% of those are considered to be a fall from a height which includes falls from a ladder. BlueWater Mfg.’s Ladder Defender was designed to reduce these numbers and increase a worker’s roof ladder safety.

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