September 15, 2014

Solutions for Your Fixed Platform and Gangway Needs

Fixed platforms and gangways are a great solution when you need to assist in railcar access or transport truck access quickly and safely. Our on-site assessment will allow us to assist you in making the correct choice for your particular application. As a turnkey provider of platform access gangway systems, we are able to provide quotes for all options available to you. In turn, we help your company make an informed decision regarding what system will suit your requirements and will work best for you.

truck access gangway

Fixed Platform and Gangway

In contrast to our mobile access platform solutions, our fixed platforms are installed onto poured concrete foundations. Our fixed platform and gangways offer features such as an on-board hydraulic pump systems and four hydraulic leveling jacks. These systems can also include batteries and charging systems to power the hydraulic pump; full trailer lights together with flashing light and flood light on top of the platform help with transportation and accuracy; telescoping and height adjustable access gangways operated by an electric screw jack and electric brakes make for smooth transitions; video camera systems for accurate positioning of the platform along with an aluminum cage that surrounds the crash box of the railcard; and hose handling arms.

These systems can be configured with telescopic gangways, tracking gangways, safety cage, self-closing safety gates, canopy, as well as numerous other options, providing your workers the fall protection safety they require. We work closely with you to configure the systems to meet your exact project requirements.

Here at W.S. Safety Technologies, we specialize in fall protection systems and we look forward to working with you in creating the best fixed platform or gangway for your company’s unique safety needs.

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