November 4, 2013

Stealth Rail – The Collapsible Component of the SafetyRail 2000

collapsible guardrail

As the newest component of the SafetyRail 2000, the Stealth Rail has the advantage of joining what is already one of the most dependable guardrail systems available. Known for its temporary or permanent and collapsible design, the SafetyRail 2000 is even more versatile and complete with the addition of the Stealth Rail component.

When in an upright and locked position, the Stealth Rail will not exceed a 90 degree vertical plane, and when folded flat via its one way pivot mechanism there will be clean sight lines from the ground that result in visual continuity of building architecture. In other words, the Stealth Rail provides a safe rooftop fall protection environment while maintaining an aesthetically appealing look after workers go home for the day.

The quality features of the SafetyRail 2000 you have come to depend on are still present in the Stealth Rail. The non-penetrating base won’t damage expensive roofs and it works as both a perimeter guardrail or as protection around mechanicals. The 1 ?” steel tubing system can be mounted in infinite positions, and it comes standard in a UV yellow powder coat finish (other colors or finishes including galvanized or custom colours can be ordered). The stabilizing, non-slip, base is counterweighted, with rubber pads on the bottom, and has four slotted entry points for flexible rail placement. Also, the Stealth Rail collapsible system exceeds OSHA (Standards – 29 CFR) 1926.501 and 1926.50 just like the classic SafetyRail 2000.

A single kit includes a base, a 10 foot rail section, for example (where you will find the directions for it’s tool-free installation), and the two locking pins that are responsible for holding the rail it its upright and locked position. Size options for the rails are 3, 3-1/2, 4, 5, 7-1/2 and 10 feet.

WS Safety will happily provide you with certified test results to show this product’s proven dependability. Please contact us with any questions.

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