September 19, 2013

Hatch Protection Equipment: An Integral Part of Rooftop Safety

W.S. Safety is the Canadian Supplier of many rooftop safety products from industrial netting and guardrails to safety gates and warning lines. We want to take this time to tell you about another rooftop safety solution — roof hatch protection equipment. Our two featured products include our own bolt-on hatch safety guardrail and Bluewater Mfg.’s Safety Rail 2000. Read on to discover some of the great features these products have.

The Bolt-On Hatch Safety Guardrail Let’s start by announcing a newly added feature for the bolt-on hatch safety guardrail provided by W.S. Safety — a hoist. This roof hoist attachment allows workers to lift materials through hatch openings without risking their safety by burdening themselves with unsteady and heavy loads. When not in use the hoist easily and conveniently folds away until it is needed again.

The bolt-on hatch safety guardrail comes ready to install and will provide protection for your open hatches. Its non-penetrating design will not damage expensive rooftops or compromise the integrity of the hatch kerb. Sturdy grab bars allow for safe and easy access and egress of the hatch and a self-closing safety gate ensures hands-free movement through the guardrail.

The bolt-on hatch safety guardrail is available in mill finish aluminum.

The Safety Rail 2000 for Hatches

If you are familiar with the Safety Rail 2000 then you know of its versatility and dependability. You may also know that it is the most comprehensive rooftop guardrail system on the market today. It serves as both a permanent and temporary rooftop guardrail system and is 100% portable. Like the bolt-on hatch safety product, the Safety Rail 2000 for hatches is a non-penetrating rooftop safety system.

Safety Rail 2000 hatch protection equipment includes optional grab bars and self-closing safety gates that provide hatch protection when the hatch is open and the guard rails are properly surrounding the hatch opening. As always, the Safety Rail 2000 meets and exceeds OSHA standards well as federal building codes.

Finishes include powder-coated yellow guardrail and base, galvanized guardrail and base, as well as custom powder-coated rail colours available upon request.

Whether you prefer the bolt-on hatch safety guardrail or the Safety Rail 2000 for your hatch protection equipment, your rooftop workers will have their safety covered. If you’d like to discuss these options further, you can contact us anytime.

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