August 25, 2014

For Portable Fall Protection, Trust the AES Raptor

The AES Raptor might be what you are looking for in portable fall protection equipment. Compliant with U.S., British, and Canadian OSHA standards as well as multiple Canadian-wide health and safety regulatory practices the AES Raptor combines its safety system with a 16 cubic foot job box for your convenience.

This model is designed for use on flat roofs and comes to you completely assembled and ready for you to simply position 15 feet from the edge of your roof and secure one or two workers to it. Its Roof Safety Engagement Device attaches to your safety lines. If enough force is exerted on the it, the AES Raptor’s normally retracted claw is released and anchors itself to the flat roof surface it is on thereby engaging fall protection for your workers. The Raptor R1000 has no counterweights, but rather solid steel frame members along with the leverage of the safety engagement arm eliminates the need for them. This makes it the leading portable fall protection solution for those not needing a full fall protection system.

Over the span of a construction worker’s career an average worker has a one in 200 chance of dying on the job. That is five times what the U.S. government considers the “significant” risk of death at work, a new study says. Using a proper fall protection system such as the AES Raptor can significantly reduce those numbers increasing the longevity of our construction workers, while its portability makes it cost-effective.

roof fall arrest anchor
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