October 4, 2022

Why a Fall Protection Incident Could Happen To You

Often, you read about falls and incidents in the industry that have happened to other construction companies or contractors. It makes for an interesting read, and you shake your head and move on to another task.

The reality is that a workplace accident could happen to you.

Many companies outsource their work to other subcontractors to get work done. Most commonly in the construction industry, where tendering a job is part of a project.

Recently, a company in Muskoka constructing a new cottage subcontracted a roofing company to work on the roof. None of the roofing company employees or the supervisor were wearing fall arrest systems, and no guardrails were installed.

One of the workers was moving insulation when they fell 30 feet to the ground, resulting in a broken leg. The roofing company was subsequently fined $15,000 for not complying with the OHSA act, but more importantly, the contracting developer was fined $50,000 as they were the general contractor for the work.

Another roofing contractor in Ohio was recently fined with a long history of workplace safety violations. OSHA inspectors found the owner on-site while workers were 20 feet up on the new construction roof without fall protection or guardrails.

The irony is that your company could have all the correct fall arrest systems and guardrails in place, but if you haven’t ensured that subcontractors are following OHSA compliance, and an incident happens, you could be ultimately responsible.

If you need advice on how you can ensure your workers and subcontractors are installing guardrails and fall arrest systems, contact us today.

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