January 7, 2015

Water Treatment Facilities Safety System

Prior to entering a confined space, it is absolutely essential to have a work and rescue plan in place. With water treatment facilities – both clean water and waste water – providing durable confined space retrieval equipment that can withstand the elements is extremely important. Our davit bases are composed of either galvanized or stainless steel. When the confined space retrieval equipment is not in use our system design allows for ease removal of davit arms and winches for storage in clean and dry environments.

confined space water treatment

The installed davit bases or brackets allows for easy and quick installation of confined space retrieval equipment when required and a confined space rescue can be initiated using the winch system. By definition, a confined space has the following:

  • Is large enough for an employee to enter fully and perform assigned work
  • Is not designed for continuous occupancy by the employee
  • Has a limited or restricted means of entry or exit
water treatment confined space

At W.S. Safety Technologies, we continue to carry many great confined space safety equipment products and have engineered many custom solutions to assist with retrieving a casualty from a confined space. We strive to provide you with complete turn-key engineered confined space systems for personnel retrieval and rescue along with a complete line of fall protection equipment. Contact us today for all your fall safety needs.

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