February 1, 2018

Tech-Flags for Different Roof Types


We were contacted by our customer who wanted to protect their rooftop for workers who maintain their HVAC equipment. The customer wanted warning flags for their entire rooftop, consisting of standing seam metal deck roofing (with a slight grade), EPDM rooftops, and BUR rooftops. They were interested in our Tech-Flags system which previously only worked for flat rooftops due to the counterweighted design. We had to devise a custom solution using a fastening plate to connect to the metal deck roof material.


After numerous consultations with the customer and on-site visits to assess the project, we were able to propose a custom base plate solution along with clamp-on brackets to connect to standing seam rooftops. We also installed guardrails around a few skylights on the rooftop and at ladder access points.


We designed custom brackets and installed them on the rooftop for the standing seam roof areas, for the remainder of the rooftops we used our counterweighted system with protective pads in order not to damage the roof membranes. Between the guardrail protection as well as warning flags, the customer ended up with a complete rooftop protection system. W.S. Safety Technologies was excited about the opportunity to develop custom attachment brackets and increase the usability of our Tech-Flags system.

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