February 1, 2018

Safety Rail 2000 Trailer for Mobile Guardrail Use


Our customer has a large refinery with pipe-racks, buried pipes, and many different services that they often have to excavate to gain access to the pipes and then protect the openings. The customer approached us and wanted to have portable guardrails available to use on site to protect temporary job sites. The problem was transportation and erection of the guardrails at individual sites. Typically with Safety Rail 2000, it’s a great non-penetrating permanent system, and works well for portable applications, but the problem is transporting quantities of more than a few pieces over a larger distance. A pick-up truck is often a great way to move materials to a site, but this customer didn’t always have access to pick-up trucks on site, so they needed a solution for transporting rails more than a few hundred feet from the storehouse to the worksite.


We built small transport trailers that allowed a set of 10 ten’ rails and bases to be transported to the individual areas requiring guardrails. The trailers were designed to be pulled behind the service vehicles in their facility. The trailers had a toolbox mounted on the front for storage of the pins and also allowed for storage of EZ Mover carts, which are used to easily position and move the bases to the location required. The trailers were not just used for transport of the materials but also storage of these complete ‘kits’, so a customer could simply go to the storage area, connect a trailer to their vehicle, and then transport the materials to site towing behind their service vehicle.


The customer was happy with this solution as it allowed them to safely and efficiently transport 100′ of guard rail to site. When not required for use the material is compactly stored on the trailers. For larger projects, the customer was able to simply make a few trips from the storehouse to site, bringing more materials to the location where needed. Our customer was so pleased with the initial trailer ‘kits’ they ordered, that they ordered several more at later dates.

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