February 1, 2018

Rails for Boom Containment


Our customer had a situation where they would store a spill containment boom in a storage building on a large shipping pier. The problem was that the design of the building and room didn’t allow for optimized storage of the large, cumbersome, boom system. It was treacherous to walk across and handle when it was needed. As well, the way that the product was placed and potentially wet and oily water caused a serious chance of trip hazards, entanglement and other serious ergonomic problems.


We reviewed the site and, after gathering information, determined that we could construct a guardrail barrier system with large swing gates at either end. This would allow storage and a safe dispersement of the booms from either side of the storage area to either side of the dock. It also allowed for the booms to be folded and stood up within the guardrail area providing additional storage in the building. No longer would the user and operators have to stumble across the boom system strewn across the floor.


The customer was pleased with this solution as it addressed a number of issues. Leg twisting and tripping hazards were eliminated it allowed safer, more organized removal and replacement of equipment into the holding area. Organizing the materials allowed for better utilization of the building itself by providing more storage. Prior to this solution, the spill containment boom took up the entire space of the building, but with this new system, it only took up a little over half the space that it previously had. W.S. Safety Technologies was pleased to work with the customer to implement this custom solution. It wasn’t our typical scope of work, but we were pleased to provide a solution for our valued customer.

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