February 1, 2018

Custom Work Platforms


Our customer builds wings for aircraft and had a number of old platforms in use that weren’t up to any codes or standards. The customer had an application that required persons to accomplish work tasks while standing at different position heights to drill holes or insert rivets as well as other functions. The work was hazardous from the perspective that an individual could easily fall or accidentally step off a platform, many of which were only 3-4′ in height but still posed a fall risk. The areas in question also had varying height differentials so that would have to be taken into account in the solution.


A number of lightweight adjustable platforms were constructed. They could be easily rolled into position, locked, and then adjusted to the individual job areas. This task required only minutes. The new platforms had appropriate height handrails on the sides, custom areas to keep tools, and many unique features, which were requested by the customer.


The customer was extremely satisfied with the results as they eliminated unsafe work practices, and removed unsafe steps and ladders from the area. It also increased productivity in those departments, as it allowed more workers to safely access and work in those areas. This was not a ‘catalogue sales’ type of project where you show a customer 5 options and say ‘choose one’. This project required frequent meetings and design proposals with the customer to reach the optimum design and ensure all operator concerns and input were also considered.

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