February 1, 2018

Custom Guardrails for Ovens


The customer for this custom rail project contacted us with a unique problem. The issue was providing safe access to the tops of small rooms that are constructed inside of an existing building located in a large warehouse facility. The heights of these structures is approximately 17′ from the ground surface. There was a real possibility of persons falling from the top of these structures with catastrophic consequences. There were a number of services located on the tops of these rooms and the customer wanted the end sections guard-railed, as well as having warning flags for the other portion of the area that was approx. 15′ back from the roof edge. The tops of these small rooms had minimal structure to connect a guardrail system to.


We proposed and installed permanent guardrails along the areas that presented a fall hazard. We also installed self-closing safety gates that would allow persons safe access into the affected areas. In the area of the overhead door operating motors, because they were 15′ back from the door, we installed our permanent safety barrier flags. This solution meant the customer now had a complete ‘safe area’ for their operators to work in on the tops of these structures. The ends had guardrails and safety gates, and the warning flags along the length clearly marked the safe work area. Since there was little structure to connect to on the tops of these structures, we incorporated a support tube structure at the base of the guardrails which served as a support and anchorage for the rails. The flags and flag support posts were connected to the framing structure for the overhead doors.


By installing the guard-rails and gates we eliminated any fall hazards for persons working in those areas. As well, the permanent flags delineated the safe work area and the workers were protected while working within the safe work area zone.

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