October 3, 2014

Fall Protection Industry September Month in Review

Every month at W.S. Safety, we like to gather and share construction safety related news. Here are a few highlights for the month of September.

News from the construction safety industry:

OSHA announced in September their final ruling on reporting sever injuries and fatalities. The new rule modifies OSHA’s exemption from its record-keeping requirements. All work-related fatalities still need to be reported to OSHA within eight hours. Under the new rule, employers must report any workplace incident that results in any hospitalization, amputation or the loss of an eye within 24 hours. Please see flowchart for details. The new reporting rule will take effect January 1, 2015.

Also this September, The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported a decline in fatalities due to work-related injuries in 2013. Unfortunately a few groups, which included contractors in the construction industry, did not share in the trend. The four types of incidents for contractors included falls to a lower level (31% of deaths), struck-by objects or equipment (18%), pedestrians struck by vehicles (11%) and exposure to electricity (7%). Workers that were working as contractors at the time of their fatal injury accounted for 17% of all cases in 2013. Read full story here.

Fall protection safety is still a topic of concern with workers still being exposed to the possibility of falls without the proper safety equipment onsite. Early in the month a construction company was cited and given a proposed fine of $188K. Justin Construction Co., LLC was cited for six safety violations after OSHA inspectors observed employees working without using a fall protection system while working on residential construction. Read full story here.

W.S. Safety specializes in fall protection systems for the commercial construction industry. Keeping informed regarding the most up-to-date safety regulations allows us to stay a leader in the industry. Contact us today for all your fall protection needs.

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