October 8, 2014

The Importance of Rooftop Warning Lines

While warning lines do not take the place of fall protection equipment they can help create a safer environment when used together on rooftops. According to OSHA, a warning line system consists of ropes, wires or chains and supporting stanchions which should be set up as follows:

  • Flagged at not more than 6-foot (1.8 meters) intervals with high-visibility material;
  • Rigged and supported so that the lowest point (including sag) is no less than 34 inches (0.9 meters) from the walking/working surface and its highest point is no more than 39 inches (1 meter) from the walking/working surface.
  • Stanchions, after being rigged with warning lines, shall be capable of resisting, without tipping over, a force of at least 16 pounds applied horizontally against the stanchion, 30 inches (0.8 meters) above the walking/working surface, perpendicular to the warning line and in the direction of the floor, roof, or platform edge;
  • The rope, wire, or chain shall have a minimum tensile strength of 500 pounds and after being attached to the stanchions, must support without breaking, the load applied to the stanchions as prescribed above.
  • Shall be attached to each stanchion in such a way that pulling on one section of the line between stanchions will not result in slack being taken up in the adjacent section before the stanchion tips over.

W.S. Safety carries both a permanent roof warning-line flag system and a temporary roof warning-line flag system for all your roof top safety needs. Both are OSHA approved and while neither is a motion stopping device, both are highly visible warning barriers.

roof top safety

The Perma-Line

The Perma-Line[/caption] The Perma-Line is a permanent warning flag system that is non-penetrating. With this system you will no longer have to make trips to your rooftop to replace torn or worn out plastic flagging. Better yet, once in place, the Perma-Line will remain intact until you want to move it. If you are in need of a temporary warning line system, W.S. Safety offers The Kwik-Stand. This visual temporary warning line system is portable and can be transported by hand for quick set up and removal.

kwik stand

Temporary Warning Line System: The Kwik-Stand

Contact us today for all your fall protection systems and rooftop warning line needs.

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