February 8, 2018

Q. Why Are More Companies Choosing Safety Rail 2000?

A. Meets and exceeds numerous USA and Canadian codes for permanent and temporary guardrailing including: OSHA, OBC, CSA, OH&SA, OSHA, CAL OSHA, Alberta OHS, WorkSafeBC, and TSSA variance requirements.

Standard Safety Rail 2000 lengths include 3′, 4′, 5′, 7.5′ and 10′ lengths.

Can be used for skylight fall protection, please see more info and pictures on our skylight protection page.

Safety Rail 2000 guardrail is sold in kits, each kit includes; 1 – 108 lb counterweight base, 1 – length of guardrail, and 2 – fastening pins.

Finishes include powder-coated yellow guardrail and painted base, galvanized guardrail and base, as well as custom powder-coated rail colours available upon request.

Optional toe board brackets are available.

Each counterweighted base has 4 sockets available for installing the handrail.

Safety Rail 2000 can be used as either temporary rooftop guardrail or can be installed and used as permanent roof guardrail.

New roofs are costing building owners 6 to 7 figures and this non-penetrating rooftop guardrail system ensures workers are protected without penetrating the roof.

There are no potential leak problems down the road since the integrity of the roof is maintained with the roof railing.
We are a stocking Safety Rail 2000 distributor.

Whether you are looking for a solution for fall protection, barrier protection or handrails, our rooftop guardrail / permanent guardrail system cannot be matched in versatility and speed of installation.

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