February 8, 2018

Q. What Are Companies Using SafetyRail 2000 For?

A. Companies are using BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 guardrail systems for: Roof Top Fall Protection, Temporary Fall Protection, Roof Edge Protection, Roof Hatches, Skylights, Hazard Barriers, Warehouse Dock Doors, Warehouse Mezzanines, Warehouse Traffic Lanes, Cell Workstations, Construction Dig Sites, Loading Dock Platforms, New Building Construction, Drive-In Truck Pits, Rail Car Platforms, Break Areas, Assembly Areas, Conveyors and many more.

This is why more companies are using SafetyRail 2000, as it’s the best solution for many fall protection concerns and applications. There are many types of roof fall protection systems in the marketplace today including cable fall arrest and non-penetrating rooftop guardrail systems. Our SafetyRail 2000 rooftop guardrail is a very effective roof fall protection system for both temporary or permanent rooftop guardrail systems.

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