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Let us help you make your workplace safer and minimize workplace injuries. Here you will find a wide variety of articles covering a range of topics to help you make informed decisions about roof top safety from procedures to meeting OSHA legal requirements to specific product lines and their pros and cons.

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Not Providing Proper Safety Equipment Comes with a Cost

A roofing company in Bradley, IL has been fined by OSHA for two willful safety violations by exposing workers to fall hazards. It has been reported that workers were expected to work on a low-sloped roof, 13 feet above the ground without the recommended …

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For Portable Fall Protection, Trust the AES Raptor

The AES Raptor might be what you are looking for in portable fall protection equipment. Compliant with U.S., British, and Canadian OSHA standards as well as multiple Canadian-wide health and safety regulatory practices the AES Raptor combines its safety …

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Supervisor & Employer Obligations for Fall Protection Safety

If you're a Canadian construction business a great resource of information on fall safety and protection is the Ontario Ministry of Labour's website. Considering that falls are the number one cause of critical injuries and deaths of workers at …

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Fall Protection Industry July Month In Review

As a leader in fall protection services, W.S. Safety keeps a beat on construction safety industry news. Here are a few highlights that we found newsworthy this July. News from the construction safety industry: A worker in Georgia was cited by OSHA …

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Self-Closing Safety Gates: Know Your Options

W.S. Safety carries the top three options for self-closing safety gates. We work closely with our customers to provide the best option for their swing gate needs. FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gates FabEnCo self-closing safety gates will dramatically …

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BlueWater Manufacturing Products In Canada

W.S. Safety is a proud Canadian partner of US-based BlueWater Manufacturing, a leading fall protection equipment specialist. BlueWater Mfg specializes in solving fall protection issues using a passive fall protection guardrail system. The Safety Rail …

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Teach Workers to Use Fall Protection Systems With Training Trailers

We designed our fall protection training trailers as a method to conduct on-site training sessions with a real fall protection demonstration as part of the training. This has proven incredibly valuable to teach our customers and their teams about fall …

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Your FabEnCo Experts For The Canadian Market

We at W.S. Safety Technologies were very excited when FabEnCo released their new pallet safety mezzanine gate. Up until they developed this product companies were simply putting together two standard safety gates in a saloon door style configuration. The …

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Fall Protection Industry June Month In Review

Every month, we at W.S. Safety like to share construction safety related news from around the globe and occasionally our own news as well. Here are a few highlights that we found newsworthy this June. News from the construction safety …

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