Roof hatches provide easy access to roof areas for maintenance as well as facilitate the installation or removal of large pieces of equipment. Although they offer great convenience, if not equipped with the proper fall safety equipment, they can pose a potential fall hazard if left open. Roof hatch protection is a must to protect the safety of your employees. At W.S. Safety Technologyies, we can provide you with the best fall protection safety for your roof hatches.

Our Hatch Safety Guard system is a bolt-on non-penetrating hatch safety guardrail with a self-closing safety gate and had grips to assist in accessing or egressing through the roof hatch. Available in either a powder-coated or a galvanized finish, this roof hatch guard is fast and easy to install and provides open hatch protection. It is now available with a bolt-on hoist option which can be used to safely lift material through the roof hatch.

roof hatch protection

Hatch Safety Guard

The other system offered at W.S. Safety is the Safety Rail 2000. This system is also an effective solution for your rooftop hatch protection needs. Easy and fast to install, the Safety Rail 2000 is non-penetrating. With optional hand grab bars and optional self-closing safety gate, this safety rail system ensures hatch protection when the hatch lid is in the raised position.

hatch protection
Safety Rail 2000 Hatch Protection

Specializing in fall protection systems is what we do here at W.S. Safety Technologies. Both of our hatch safety systems, The Hatch Guard and the Safety Rail 2000, meet and exceed the applicable roof hatch guard rail codes. Contact us today for all your rooftop hatch protection needs.