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Our HatchGuard roof hatch railing systems are a bolt-on, non penetrating guardrail with a selfclosing safety gate and hand grips to assist in access or egress through the hatch. It is available in aluminum finish. The HatchGuard rooftop hatch protection system meets and exceeds the applicable roof hatch guardrail codes. Now available with a roof hoist attachment to safely lift materials through the hatch.

HatchGuard Features:

  • Penetration into the roof or hatch curb is unnecessary, as the roof hatch guardrail is clamped to the roof hatch
  • Supported by four feet at the corners which places the loading on the roof, and not the roof hatch.
  • Fasteners for installation of the HatchGuard included
  • Grab bars assist access or egress from hatch
  • Comes with industrial self-closing safety gate for roof hatch fall protection
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Provides open hatch protection
  • Construction is mill finish aluminum
  • Pre-drilled and slotted holes adjust to fit on site
  • Fits many different roof hatches
  • Bolt-on hoist option now available to safety lift materials through roof hatch
  • Hoist attachment can be folded down when not in use

More Information:

Description Part # Finish
Hatchguard WS-HG1 Unfinished Raw Steel
Hoist Assembly WS-HG2 Powder Coat Yellow

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