January 28, 2015

Preventing Workplace Falls – Three Simple Steps

Preventing falls in construction is a continuing matter that all employers attempt to say ahead of. As stated on OSHA’s Falls Prevention Campaign webpage, falls can be prevented and lives saved by adopting three simple steps in the workplace:

  • Plan
  • Provide
  • Train

Planning Ahead

When your company’s next endeavor takes your employees to new heights, mainly above 6′, it is crucial to put in place a plan in regards to how the job will get done, what tasks are involved and especially what fall safety equipment is going to be needed to complete each assigned task assigned. Creating a plan will allow for a thoughtful process with regard to what type of fall prevention equipment might be needed.

Providing the Right Equipment

OSHA requires employees walking or working on a surface of 6 feet or more above a lower level where leading edges are under construction must be protected from falling since they are at risk for serious injury or death should they fall from that height. Providing the right equipment such as appropriate ladders and scaffolds, guardrails and/or personal fall arrest systems and inspecting the equipment faithfully will allow employers to maintain a high level of protection on the construction site.

Training Employees

Planning ahead and providing the right equipment to your employees is a great launching point to your safe workplace but, without proper training, the circle of safety is not complete. Training workers in proper set-up, hazard recognition, and applying safe practices when using fall protection equipment will help contribute to employers implementing a safe work environment to their workforce.

Here at W.S. Safety, we encourage you to maintain proper safety on your worksites at all times to prevent serious injury and fatalities. By planning ahead, providing proper equipment and training employees in applicable fall protection regarding their specific job tasks, accidents can be stopped. Please contact us, for all your fall safety protection needs.

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