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Let us help you make your workplace safer and minimize workplace injuries. Here you will find a wide variety of articles covering a range of topics to help you make informed decisions about roof top safety from procedures to meeting OSHA legal requirements to specific product lines and their pros and cons.

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When Fall Protection Equipment Isn't Used Injuries Happen

Just a few days ago a worker in Bellvile, Ontario, was on a roof carrying and installing building trimming when the trimming he was carrying hit a power line giving him a severe shock that sent him plummeting 35 feet to the ground below. The worker …

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Roof Hatch Safety with Guardrails

Roof hatches are present on most non-residential buildings and allow workers easy access to the roof for the maintenance of rooftop equipment and for roof renovations and maintenance. Roof hatches are very convenient but can pose a serious safety risk to …

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Fall Arrest Netting Saves Lives - Rules For Proper Use

Last month in the Hinckley Times a 45 year old construction worker was reported to have fallen off of a roof after being hit by a pallet that was in motion. Luckily the site had fall arrest equipment in place which arrested the man's fall and he …

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A Roof Guard Rail For Fall Protection Has Specific Requirements

There are very specific rules and regulations set in place by OSHA regarding the use of a roof guard rail. Guard rail systems are of course only one of the many fall protection systems available to employers to keep themselves and their workers …

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Fall Protection Industry May Month In Review

In May, as the weather continued to warm and the construction industry continued to grow, W.S. Safety Technologies is gearing up on some exciting projects we look forward to sharing with you soon. In the meantime, here is some news from the safety and …

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Complete Roof Safety System Includes Proper Equipment Use

A proper roof safety system has many elements to be considered and it is important to make sure your workers use equipment how it is intended to be used to avoid accident and injury. One accident that can occur is called "Bottoming Out". It …

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Fall Protection Regulation General Requirements

Understanding fall protection regulations is an important part of a safety plan for industrial work environments - do you know what's required in yours? …

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Fall Protection Industry March Month In Review

News from W.S. Safety, industry leaders in fall protection systems: We've seen a real increase in business over this past month as the snow gradually thaws and customers are back on rooftops, doing maintenance, etc., and workers are being exposed …

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The High Costs of Not Working Safely - Analysis of Ontario Ministry of Labor Construction Safety Report

W.S. Safety is a leading provider of fall protection systems and once again displays its leadership with an astute report on the Ontario Ministry of Labor's Construction Safety Report. "In a competitive marketplace with often tight margins, …

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