July 8, 2014

Fall Protection Industry June Month In Review

Every month, we at W.S. Safety like to share construction safety related news from around the globe and occasionally our own news as well. Here are a few highlights that we found newsworthy this June.

News from the construction safety industry:

June was a bigger than average month for rooftop and construction site safety awareness. This month OSHA held its National Fall Prevention Stand-Down encouraging all construction work sites to take a break in their regular work days to discuss safety practices and educate themselves during the days of June 2-6. OSHA believes that the 269 deaths from falls in the construction workplace are unnecessary and should be prevented and that proper rooftop safety systems and practice is the key to making that happen. The focus of this years stand down was cutting down on “Fall Hazards” and reinforcing the importance of “Fall Prevention.” Read the full story here.

It seems that in so many cases, when one accident happens, many more safety issues are present as well. In one case a construction site worker in MO was struck-by one end of a 12-foot-long section of sewer pipe being maneuvered by an excavator. The impact caused him to fall to the bottom of a 13-foot-deep trench and he suffered a cracked vertebrae. His employers ended up being cited in more than 11 serious violations after this accident. Read the full story here.

Companies in the state of Colorado are being repeatedly fined in “record numbers” for failing to provide required safety gear for their workers. In the last month alone over 63 complaints were filed with the area OSHA office. Read the full story here.

In a tragic story a worker’s chest was crushed when a roof truss collapsed and a beam fell on his chest and kept him trapped there for about 10 minutes. The job site was the Erin Mills Town Centre and the 37 year old worker was left with serious head and chest injuries. He was eventually air lifted to a trauma center in Toronto. Ontario’s Ministry of Labour is investigating the accident. Read the full story here.

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