July 28, 2014

BlueWater Manufacturing Products In Canada

W.S. Safety is a proud Canadian partner of US-based BlueWater Manufacturing, a leading fall protection equipment specialist. BlueWater Mfg specializes in solving fall protection issues using a passive fall protection guardrail system. The Safety Rail 2000 Guard Rail System is trusted all over the world to ensure the safety of workers at height.

BlueWater Mfg equipment ensures workers are protected without penetrating the roof. Whether you are looking for a solution for fall protection, barrier protection or handrails, BlueWater’s portable guardrail system cannot be matched in versatility and speed of installation. W.S. Safety has years of experience installing and training on BlueWater products in the Canadian market.

Safety Rail 2000, BlueWater’s flagship product, is an OSHA fall protection guardrail system. OSHA rated guardrails and roof railings help you get into OSHA compliance using a passive fall protection system. Companies are using BlueWater’s Safety Rail 2000 in Canada. SafetyRail 2000 has been tested by a nationally known engineering firm and found to be in accordance with OSHA regulations.

Visit our Saftey Rail 2000 product page to see why more Canadian companies are choosing it for their fall protection needs.

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