April 8, 2014

The High Costs of Not Working Safely – Analysis of Ontario Ministry of Labor Construction Safety Report

W.S. Safety is a leading provider of fall protection systems and once again displays its leadership with an astute report on the Ontario Ministry of Labor’s Construction Safety Report.

“In a competitive marketplace with often tight margins, companies are trying to complete projects as quickly as possible. However, it is of the utmost importance that work is done safely. If an accident were to occur, it can cost a company or a worker a substantial amount of money, time lost to critical injury or, in the worst case scenario, loss of life.” – Ryan Michels, W.S. Safety Technolgoies

Ryan’s paper thoroughly examines several cases in which a worker or an employee cut corners either because of money or time and the often terrible results of their casual approach to safety. He also uses his expertise and knowledge to recommend products and point out unexpected dangers and how to make your construction work areas altogether more safe.

With fines in the tens of thousands, suits filed in the hundreds of thousands and the impossible task of putting a price on the loss of life or a lifetime of pain or debilitation, Ryan’s goal was to show that those few minutes saved or small amounts of money not spent never actually cost less in the long run.

We too often read records of fines, lawsuits, injuries or death from people being less than diligent about the job site safety. But it is the sincere hope of Ryan and everyone at W.S. Safety that through continued awareness and a commitment to safety, those records will, with time, become harder and harder to find.


High Costs of Not Working Safely WS Safety By Ryan Michels
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