December 3, 2014

Fall Protection Industry November Month in Review

W.S. Safety, a leader in fall protection equipment, keeps a close eye on construction safety industry news throughout the month. Here are a few highlights that we found newsworthy this November.

Early this month OSHA announced a partnership with Holder Construction Company to protect and educate Illinois construction workers during the building of the DuPont CH2 Data Center in the Elk Grove Village. Training will focus on the “fatal four” construction hazards on a worksite which include, falls, struck-by, caught-in and electrocutions. To read more click here.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported that forty percent of construction sites failed health and safety spot-checks visited by HSE inspectors. It was reported that failure to provide basic safety measures for employees working at height was the most common issue. Forty-two percent of all enforcement notices served were for this activity. For a direct quote from HSE’s Chief of Construction Philip White, please click here.

With regards to fall protection safety equipment, we sadly report a man died at a paper mill due to blunt force trama from a fall. While the accident is still under investigation, a contractor fell from a hydraulic bucket while installing insulation. According to first responders, the man was wearing a harness but, the harness did not appear to be locked into the bucket. OSHA officials are investigating. For more on the story, please click here.

Finally, we at W.S. Safety would like to offer our congratulations to Grand-Rapids – based Wolverine Building Group for receiving the Safety Award of Excellence presented at Keystone Community Church in Ada. The award was part of this year’s Excellence in Construction Awards presented by The Associated Builders and Contractors of West Michigan. For a list of other awards presented, please click here.

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