April 8, 2014

Fall Protection Industry March Month In Review

News from W.S. Safety, industry leaders in fall protection systems:

We’ve seen a real increase in business over this past month as the snow gradually thaws and customers are back on rooftops, doing maintenance, etc., and workers are being exposed to hazardous situations. We have been working closely with a couple of customers on some exciting new products and projects and look forward to bringing them to market to offer other customers in the year ahead. We look forward to continuing working with so many great customers, identifying unique hazards, carrying best-in-class safety products, and offering advice to help make workplaces safer.

News from the construction safety industry: Two workers fell five stories from a parking structure in North Dakota and survived. The workers were following proper safety protocol and were wearing their safety harnesses. W.S. Safety Technologies is happy to share such good news and is always happy to hear when what could’ve been a terrible accident becomes instead a great example of safety in practice! Read the full story here.

The results of a September and October 2013 “construction blitz” were released by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. The ministry’s had nine main points of inspection which included such areas as worker training, guardrail and guarded openings, and falls from heights. The goal of the blitz was to raise awareness of hazards involving falls hazards at construction projects, increase worksite compliance with the law, prevent injuries that could arise from unsafe work practices. Read the full story here.

The dangers posed to telecommunication towers workers were revealed yet again in the death of two workers in Kansas. Since mid-February there have been 6 deaths in the U.S. alone. Osha states: OSHA has found that a high proportion of these incidents occurred because of a lack of fall protection: either employers are not providing appropriate fall protection to employees, or they are not ensuring that their employees use fall protection properly. As a result, communication tower climbers are falling to their deaths. Read the full story here.

In an OSHA proposed stand-down employers and workers were asked to pause in their work day to discuss such topics as ladder safety, scaffolding safety, and roofing worker safety as well as how to prevent fall protection in scaffolding. If any company is wondering how to safely conduct their own stand-down, OSHA has set up a website to instruct people how that can be one. Read the full story here.

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