November 10, 2014

Customized Solutions for Your Fall Protection Needs

If you are in need of a customized fall protection system, W.S. Safety Technologies has the ability and knowledge to create one for your specific solution. Always keeping in mind the health and safety of your employees and paying attention to OHSA regulations, we specialize in custom engineered fall protection systems, custom fall arrest and confined space projects.

Our crews are highly qualified and have extensive training including WHMIS, First Aid, Fall Arrest Protection, Man-lift Licenses, Confined Space, Welding Tickets (where applicable), as well as training in the installation of the engineered fall protection systems. Working in partnership with engineering companies that are in compliance with the local engineering authorities, W.S. Safety Technologies removes all the worries and stress that can come with creating a customized solution on your own.

stealth rail

A custom project with W.S. Safety will include the following:

  • Initial site visit, assessment, and proposal.
  • Preliminary sketches of the proposed system.
  • Custom fabrication by qualified crews.
  • Drawings for the engineered fall protection system.
  • Installation of structural steel by qualified crews.
  • Supply and installation of fall protection system and components (we are certified installers for many different types of systems).
  • Post-construction report from engineer indicating that the custom fall arrest system has been installed as per engineered drawings.
  • Product orientation training in the safe use of the new system.
collapsible guardrail

As a leader in fall protection safety, you can count on W.S. Safety Technologies to be your home for all of your unique fall protection equipment needs. Please contact us today.

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