Rooftop Fall Protection – Staying Safe in the Winter Months

02 / 27 / 2015 | Product Updates | Ryan Michels

With the long winter still rearing its ugly head for most of us, it is important to keep rooftop safety at the forefront. Maintaining HVAC/RTU units, vents, flags, security cameras in addition to roof and/or skylight repair can be especially difficult when the snow keeps falling. As employees enter into these probably hazardous rooftop environments, it is essential for employers to have a roof safety system in place to avoid a potential disastrous situation.


Specializing in fall protection safety, W.S. Safety Technology offers a variety of different options when it comes to rooftop fall protection systems for our clients. Being a Canadian distributor for BlueWater Mfg. OSHA safety rail products, we have years of experience installing rooftop safety rail systems using BlueWater products to adapt to any rooftop environment.

Our list of rooftop fall protection product line offering includes:

  • SafetyRail 2000
  • SafetyRail 2000 Architectural Series
  • SafetyRail 2000FG Fiberglass Series
  • Safety Rail 2000 StealthRail.
  • SafetyRaill 2000 non-penetrating guardrail
  • PermaLine warning flags
  • Hatch Guarg roof hatch protection
  • Crossover walkways and platforms
  • Latchways Mansafe Constant Force Post anchors
  • AES Raptor anchor carts

collapsible guardrail non penetratingSafety Rail 2000 FB Fibreglass Railstandard skylight screen





W.S. Safety often recommends a combination of several different roof safety systems to full protect your employees when on a rooftop. Meet with one of our engineers to discuss a customized engineered rooftop edge fall protection solution that will meet OSHA and local standards. Contact us today for all your rooftop safety and fall protection equipment needs.

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Ryan Michels Ryan has been involved in the design and installation of custom fall protection systems with W.S. Safety Technologies since 2005. Ryan is a specialist in the different types of products, applications, and regulatory codes governing proper design and use of fall protection systems.

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