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Custom Fabricated Crossovers

Our custom fabricated rooftop crossover ramps and our rooftop stair and crossover platforms make travelling across a rooftop much safer. They are often used with our guardrail or warning flag systems to provide complete rooftop protection. When walking across a rooftop, there are often obstructions along pathway areas, which can be hazardous to move across. This includes utilities on rooftops such as pipes, electrical cables, or cable trays, and gas service pipes.

Another obstruction or area that can be tricky to traverse are parapets between two different height rooftops. A parapet that's 24" high by 16" wide, for example, often would be covered with metal flashing, and can become extremely slippery in wet or cold conditions.

Our crossover ramps and other crossovers are fabricated to suit each customer's unique application and requirements. They are lightweight and often fabricated as aluminum roof walkway systems, with galvanized non-slip grating, and regulation height and strength handrails. For rooftops where materials are often transported across large areas, over obstructions, we also offer ramp systems, so carts can be used across the bridges.

Technical Specifications for Custom Fabricated Rooftop Crossover Ramps:

  • Custom fabricated to suit customer's unique application
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Non-slip treads and walkway
  • Can be integrated with our other guardrail and warning flag systems
  • Easily assembled
  • Cost effective compared to other modular type systems
  • Non-penetrating, means no issues with leaks
  • Quantity pricing and discounts available
  • No welding or special tools required for assembly
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Easy to work with data sheets, site measurements can also be arranged

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