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Rooftop Guardrails Articles

It is becoming standard procedure to install rooftop guardrails in the final stages of a building project as it is often a requirement before certain companies will allow their service workers to attend to the building. Protect rooptop workers and eliminate potential trip hazards with our selection of OSHA-compliant rooftop fall protection guardrail systems.All of the rooftop guardrail products that we offer are manufactured in North America and are non-penetrating, which means that they will not void your rooftop warranty.

Available rooftop guardrail products include:

SafetyRail 2000 - Guardrail System

The BlueWater SafetyRail 2000 rooftop guardrail is a very effective roof fall protection system for both temporary or permanent rooftop guardrail systems.
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SafetyRail 2000 - Architectural Series

SafetyRail 2000 Architectural Guardrail combines our non-penetrating guardrail system with an architectural appeal for those applications where appearance of the railing is important.
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SafetyRail 2000 - Collapsible StealthRail - Portable Roof Guardrails

The StealthRail is a collapsible portable guardrail fall protection and safety rail system.
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SafetyRail 2000FG - Fiberglass - Portable Roof Guardrails

The patent-pending SafetyRail 2000FG is the perfect temporary guardrail system for free standing roof edge protection when telecommunication equipment is present and can't have metal guardrails that will interfere with RF signals.
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Temporary Rooftop Guardrails

We offer a number of temporary rooftop guardrails systems. Our temporary guardrail systems for roofs include BlueWater Mfg's ParaClamp and VersaClamp.
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W.S. Tech-Rail - Fall Protection Guardrail

Tech-Rail Guardrails are the answer to a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to install non-penetrating guardrail system. They are an engineered system featuring galvanized steel trays, aluminum or galvanized rails, concrete patio stone, and optional toeboards.
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W.S. Tech-Rail - Architectural Rooftop Guardrail

W.S. Safety's Tech-Rail - Architectural Rail is the aesthetically pleasing and affordable option when looking to install a non-penetrating guardrail system.
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KwikRail - Fall Protection Railing

KwikRail is a metal safety handrail system that is easy to assemble and can be easily installed on site. It uses handrail brackets and handrail fittings to erect.
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