Roof hatches are present on most non-residential buildings and allow workers easy access to the roof for the maintenance of rooftop equipment and for roof renovations and maintenance. Roof hatches are very convenient but can pose a serious safety risk to anyone who is unaware of a hatch's proximity.

Roof hatches are especially risky if the hatch is accidentally left open or workers are unaware of its presence. A worker may trip on the lip of the hatch or may accidentally back into the opening and fall suffering debilitating and or life threatening injuries. Workers need to be protected from roof openings with the use of a roof hatch guardrail.

Along with roof hatches allowing access to the roof for workers they also allow workers to bring up any tools needed for building maintenance. This adds to the roof hatch's convenience but it poses additional risks as well. W.S. Safety recommends the use of this unique roof hatch guardrail as part of your fall protection system.

This roof hatch guardrail has an optional roof hoist available which assists workers in lifting the required tools and materials to the roof without risking injury by them having to lift the materials through the hatch themselves. The roof hoist conveniently folds away when not in use and the remaining guardrail simply offers dependable fall protection.

This non-penetrating roof hatch also has:

  • Fasteners for installation of the hatch guard.
  • Grab bars to assist access or egress from hatch.
  • Fast and easy hatch guard installation for roof.
There are many OSHA approved options to protect roof openings, but we think the guardrail is one of the better ones. The ones supplied by W.S. Safety come equipped with a self-closing safety gate so that workers can just walk through and not worry about closing a gate behind them. Workers are once again safe and protected the moment they exit the area - all hands free.