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HatchGrip​ Rooftop Hatch Protection

HatchGrip​ Rooftop Hatch Protection

The HatchGrip system provides ladder rung continuation grips that offer rooftop hatch protection beyond the hatch opening. This allows you to climb through your roof hatch much more safely and easily. The horizontal grips allow for increased roof hatch safety with a stable and firm grip for employees and contractors exiting and entering a roof hatch. Simply mount it to your existing roof hatch. For complete roof hatch fall protection and a hoist, please refer to our HatchGuard system.

HatchGrip​ Features:

  • Bolts to hatch curb with a gasket connection to seal openings.
  • Fits roof hatches up to 36” wide curb.
  • Powder coated gray non-slip for durability outdoors.
  • Variable height adjustments for proper and comfortable grip spacing.
  • Installed quickly and easily with only a few tools.
  • Each kit includes 2 – grab-bar assemblies, 2 – support brackets, 6 – backer plates, 1 – curb bracket, zinc plated carriage bolts with nyloc nuts, and installation instructions.

More Information:

Model # Size Range
HTG-PCG Fits Curb up to 36”  

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