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Rooftop Safety Articles

Rooftop Safety Railing Systems: The Safety Rail 2000 for Rooftops

The Safety Rail 2000 is the most comprehensive rooftop guardrail system on the market today. Nothing comes close to matching the options and features available, and nothing else comes close to meeting the broad safety requirements from all types of …

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Roof Hatch Guardrail Protection Options

Roof hatches provide easy access to roof areas for maintenance as well as facilitate the installation or removal of large pieces of equipment. Although they offer great convenience, if not equipped with the proper fall safety equipment, they can pose a …

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What is Safer? Harnesses or Guardrails?

It’s a common assumption that supplying workers with a cheaper option like a fall protection harness is enough protection to keep them safe and productive and remain compliant with OHSA standards. …

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