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The YellowGate is a highly adjustable, versatile gate that can be installed to suit many different applications to offer fall protection barriers. Adjustable from 16" to 36" to fit any opening size in that range. With the YellowGate you don't have to be concerned about what size to order, one size fits all. Great for passive fall protection.

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Features of yellow safety gates fall protection barriers:

  • Adjustable range of 16" to 36", available in one size to fit a large range of sizes
  • Mounts anywhere including wall mount, round tube, square tube, or angle iron
  • Mounts to different openings in minutes using simple hand tools with no cutting, welding, or drilling required
  • Patent Pending Malbec Tensioner, no springs that can fail or require replacement
  • Complies with OSHA 1910.23 requirements

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