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The Tech-Flags Warning Line is the answer for permanent rooftop warning flag systems. These are OSHA compliant warning flags and a cost-effective option for creating free standing roof edge protection control zones. Their durable design features a galvanized base, aluminum post and securing bracket, concrete stone weight, and a coated aircraft cable with laser-cut powder-coated warning flags allowing for the longevity of these roof protection systems. Layout drawings for specific projects are available upon request.

More Information:

Technical specifications:

  • OSHA Compliant
  • Zinc-plate steel base
  • Aluminum support post and clamping plate
  • 90 lb approx. weight per 24” square base
  • 3/16” aircraft cable, coated
  • Laser-cut warning flags, powder coated safety yellow
  • Support post/base required at 20’ intervals
  • NEW - pin for quickly securing post to base


  • Rubber pads for use under bases to protect roof
  • Custom vinyl warning labels for warning flags
  • Concrete stones can be purchased separately to save shipping costs
  • System can be incorporated into rooftop walkway 
    *Refer to local requirements for roof edge distance requirements

Item Description

Base Tray WS-TF-BASE Galvanized Steel
Post WS-TF-POST Aluminum
Flag WS-TF-FLAG Powder coated Yellow
Cable WS-TF-CAB1 Coated Cable

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