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Roof Hatch Protection Articles

Roofs can be slippery at times due to our inclement weather, sometimes wet, snowy or icy. As accessing out of a roof hatch can be dangerous, many companies choose to add guardrails above the hatch for easy grip and good balance. Protect your workers when they access and egress out of the roof hatch with our quality, safety compliant Roof Hatch Protection products. 

Our roof hatch protection options include:

SafetyRail 2000 for Roof Hatch Guardrails

SafetyRail 2000 is an effective solution for rooftop hatch protection. The non penetrating SafetyRail 2000 counterweight guardrail and bases allow for an easy and fast installation.
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Our HatchGuard roof hatch guardrail systems are a bolt-on, non penetrating guardrail with a self-closing safety gate and hand grips to assist in access or egress through the hatch. It is available in either a galvanized steel or painted steel finish.
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HatchGrip​ Rooftop Hatch Protection

The HatchGrip system provides ladder rung continuation grips that offer rooftop hatch protection beyond the hatch opening. This allows you to climb through your roof hatch much more safely and easily.
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GrabSafe adds horizontal grab-bars to the top step through area of the ladder allowing a much more secure way to use the ladder where the regular rungs end.
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