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SafetyRail 2000 - Collapsible StealthRail - Portable Roof Guardrails

SafetyRail 2000 - Collapsible StealthRail - Portable Roof Guardrails

The StealthRail is a collapsible portable guardrail fall protection and safety rail system.

​​Features of the SafetyRail 2000 - Collapsible StealthRail - Portable Roof Guardrails: 

  • Most versatile guardrail in the industry
  • ​Exceeds OSHA regulations

The StealthRail is a collapsible roof edge rail section for the SafetyRail 2000 Guardrail System. Its one-way pivot assembly allows the guardrail to fold onto a surface. Then when it is in the upright position, it can be set to not exceed a vertical plane. A detent pin on each pivot assembly locks the rooftop guardrail in the upright position. StealthRail guardrails do not require any penetrations in substrates for installation.

More Information:

The portable guardrail fall protection system exceeds OSHA (Standards – 29 CFR) 1926.501 and 1926.502

When the collapsible guardrail system is in its folded position, there are clean sight lines from the ground level, while yet preserving the building's architectural integrity. If you are concerned with aesthetics, the StealthRail collapsible rooftop guardrail is your solution.

For setup and installation, the SafetyRail 2000 - Collapsible Stealth Rail - portable roof guardrails system requires the same setup as the standard SafetyRail 2000. Both require an outrigger return rail on both ends of a run.

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