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Let us help you make your workplace safer and minimize workplace injuries. Here you will find a wide variety of articles covering a range of topics to help you make informed decisions about roof top safety from procedures to meeting OSHA legal requirements to specific product lines and their pros and cons.

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Rooftop Snow Removal - Keeping it Safe

With the winter weather upon us, it is important to make sure all of your employees are trained for fall protection safety taking into account the swift temperature changes, snow and ice factors and unpredictable conditions that can happen at a worksite …

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Customized Solutions for Your Fall Protection Needs

If you are in need of a customized fall protection system, W.S. Safety Technologies has the ability and knowledge to create one for your specific solution. Always keeping in mind the health and safety of your employees and paying attention to OHSA …

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Fall Protection Industry October Month in Review

As a leader in fall protection services, W.S. Safety keeps a close eye on construction safety industry news. Here are a few highlights that we found newsworthy this October. This month started out with the First Hawkeye safety conference held in …

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Safety Net Systems For Fall Protection

When working in any environment that leaves an employee open to falls, an employer cannot have enough fall protection equipment in use. A good addition to your fall protection system would be to include safety nets. As with all safety equipment, it is …

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Confined Space Safety

This year, a company in California was fined $82,090 by OSHA, for an accident in a confined tank space. The accident, a flash fire inside of a metal tank, resulted in serious burns to an industrial painter. Fortunately, the employee was rescued but spent …

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The Importance of Rooftop Warning Lines

While warning lines do not take the place of fall protection equipment they can help create a safer environment when used together on rooftops. According to OSHA, a warning line system consists of ropes, wires or chains and supporting stanchions which …

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Fall Protection Industry September Month in Review

Every month at W.S. Safety, we like to gather and share construction safety related news. Here are a few highlights for the month of September. News from the construction safety industry: OSHA announced in September their final ruling on reporting …

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Roof Hatch Guardrail Protection Options

Roof hatches provide easy access to roof areas for maintenance as well as facilitate the installation or removal of large pieces of equipment. Although they offer great convenience, if not equipped with the proper fall safety equipment, they can pose a …

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Standards for Guardrail and Handrail Systems

When it comes to guardrails and handrails there are certain standards that must be applied. According to OSHA regulations, a railing is required when working at 4 inches or more. OSHA 1910.23(c)(1) Every open-sided floor or platform 4 feet or more above …

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